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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chinggis(Genghis) khan's Monument

There are a lot of Monuments of Chingis khan in Mongolia. And they're a must-visit for tourists. The most recent built and biggest one is at a place called Tsonjin Boldog about an hours drive away from the capital.

It's around the red dots. Just follow the yellow line >.>...

Middle of the road. (hmmm no wonder they thought the earth was flat.)

When you go all the way eventually the monument will appear from the horizon looking like a mirage.

 You can feel the aura when you get closer.

 The main gate is quite big. Mongolian horseback soldiers on top warding of restless souls.

 When you finally get there, The stairs await thee.
The monument is 131 feet tall and wrapped with stainless steel. In the base there is a restaurant, recreation area, souvenir shop, conference hall, and a small museum that displays the bronze age and the Hunnic empire. All the artifacts are from a private collection they said. Was welcomed by the dreaded "no photos" sign inside the museum.

 There is also a large scale whip inside. According to legend it is the golden whip that Chingis khan found in this area at the age of 15. And by legend people who find a golden whip are said to be divine leaders.
There was a guide inside who explained everything but unfortunately I forgot some of the parts and the above might be a little different.

 They also have a huge Mongolian shoe.

You can also go atop the horses head.

 Of course a security camera.

 Looking around from the top.

 Nothing but grand steppes where ever you look. Makes you feel at ease. Make sure to breath your lungs out, chew on some Halls to increase the effect ^.^

 Lurking shadows here and there. They look cool don't they?.

 Here's a near 180 degree view of the monument.

If your willing you can come out here in the morning and do a lap or two around the statue. They have a road   around the statue.

And that concludes our trip to Tsonjin boldog.
Mongolian words corner:
Чингис хаан(chingis king)= King Chinggis
Хөдөө(khuduu)=country side
Цонжин Болдог(tsonjin boldog)=Tsonjin boldog



  1. Nice one. Started posting again eh?

  2. How great it is. This is really a thing one should see. I saw that and I liked it all. Come visit Mongolia in summer! This is a great place to be! Like your comments he he

  3. Awesome monument! and wide openness of the steppes is unforgettable!

  4. Very nice blog! I'm impressed by the good standard of English. Do keep the blog going!

    BTW, I'm a Mongolian descendant. I've not set foot on Mongolia before but am now seeing it through your pictures. :-)